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Our Recruitment Process

Demand Letter & Power of Attorney generated through Emigrate System
Note : The Foreign Employers must first register them selves on Govt. Of India's
Emigrate system on: www.emigrate.gov.in..

  • Advertisement

On receipt of the documents confirming the Job Order we will arrange to Insert Advertisements in the leading News Papers, to mobilize the staff in accordance with you Job Specific Manpower Requirements. We will also source candidates from our data bank which we have readily at our disposal, and have previously been Pre-Screened. Please Note. We will Further Advertise on the day of interviews to make sure that incase we should have any shortfall in any category we would be able to fulfill them, and will do so as a pre-cautionary Measure.

  • Client Interview

All the Pre-Selected Candidates will be informed and made available on the day of Interview, and on selection of the candidate by the client, the offer letter will be signed by both parties on the same day.

  • Medical

All Selected candidates will Be Medically Examined Prior to the starting of the Visa Process, and our Agency will then intimate the Clients the Candidates who have been found to be medically fit.

  • Air Ticket

The joining air-ticket of the candidate will be provided by the Employer. And the return ticket will be provided by the Employer, on completion of the contract. However if the staff should require to leave prior to the completion of the contract period, the candidate will be laible to pay for his own ticket.

  • Guarantee Clause

In the event of the Clients having interviewed the Candidates, our Agency will guarantee the candidate, incase he is found to Medically Unfit, and will offer a free replacement in this event.

  • Emmigration

On receipt of the Original Visas, our Agency will arrange to obtain the Emigration Clearance from the Govt Department, prior to the candidates Departure.

  • Departure Mobilization

Our Agency will arrange departures of the candidates in accordance with the schedules provided to us by the clients.

  • Agency Service Fees

Shall be agreed on Mutual Consent.

We hope you would give us an opportunity to be of service to your esteemed organization, and would like to assure you of our professional service which will meet your standards.

Service Charges and Payment Mode

We normally charge the Clients based overseas for the recruitment fees. For the few clients who do not pay the recruitment fees – we are charge the selected candidates a maximum fee of Rs 20,000 all inclusive as per the Protectorate of Emigrants (POE) guidelines. If the candidate is being charges a service fee – we only accept payments through banking channels like credit card, NEFT, cheques.